Review: Comply AirPods Pro memory foam tips

I really hate silicon tipped earphones. In the past, I used silicon tips on inexpensive earphones and they worked well for the price point, but often gave me more trouble than expected. Silicon tips often fall out, form a poor seal in my ears, and slide around when I speak or eat with them in. Thankfully, I discovered Comply earphone tips at CES circa 2013. Comply brings their premium quality memory foam tips to Apple’s AirPods Pro and you need to order them today.

Comply Foam Tips for AirPods Pro

To get this in the open, Comply did not send me a pair for review and this is not a sponsored post. I have used Comply foam tips on other premium multi-hundred dollar IEMs for several years and jumped at the chance to invest in a pair for AirPods Pro.

If you are like me, you had been scouring Reddit and Twitter watching instructions on how to order cheap memory foam tips from Amazon, cut them up just so properly, and then shimmy them into the backs of the Apple OEM silicon tips. This popular project gives you a semi-memory foam experience, which was highly sought after when the Pros launched. Comply solved this problem by making foam tips that click into the weird connection housing on the AirPods Pro tip.

They are not actually that easy to get into place. In fact, after their pre-order launch, Comply got so many complaints, they released a video on their channel, explaining how to properly install them.

Until I watched this video, I too was having difficulty with them staying on the device, which is a huge risk factor for a small, expensive wireless bud. Watch the video, install them correctly, and everything is all good.

As soon as I popped them in, there was an immediate difference for me. The silicon OEM tips just never fit well and always slid out over a short period of time, especially if I moved my head a lot — not even working out. The Comply tips are more comfortable and fill your ear canal much more precisely.

Here are mine with a pair of Colorware custom painted AirPods Pro.

Before putting them in your ears, smash them down and warm them slightly with your body heat, by holding them scrunched for like 5-10 seconds. Then, lift your ear with one hand and slide in the tips with the other. Hold the AirPod steady while the foam expands to fill your ear. Voila. A custom fit every time.

Sound quality improved fairly strongly, in my unscientific opinion. Specifically music with heavier bass, the sound remains undistracted within your ear canal and the beat hits that much more strongly. Similarly, active noise cancellation is much improved. I felt like the Apple silicon tips offer a decent seal and the ANC worked well out of the box. But, the improved ANC with the Comply foam tips is worth the price of admission, regardless of whether you find your music experience improved.

The Comply tips even come with that nice little built in screen to catch ear wax, just like the Apple OEM silicon tips. Its a nice touch.

Most importantly, even the large size fit right inside the AirPods Pro wireless charging case. It is a perfect fit. The case doesn’t pinch them or crack open, even the slightest bit. Comply did an impressive job ensuring the fit was exact.


Would I buy them again? Yes, absolutely. My only frustration is the fit. Comply foam tips come in small, medium, and large sizes. I ordered the large and sometimes they can slip on me. No, not as much as the Apple ones, not even close. I feel like this would be resolved with the medium tips–I might be able to cram them in a little better.

If they don’t fit well, Comply is offering a no questions Fit Program. You can file a claim and receive a store credit for the correct package. Just do the right thing and don’t take advantage of their generosity. I may go ahead and file a claim for the mediums, but haven’t decided yet. They fit well enough, I’m not frustrated by them. I really like them, a lot.

A three pack is $24.99. I ordered mine on pre-order with zero hesitation, given my existing experience with their quality tips for other earphones. If you already invested $249 in Apple AirPods Pro, spend the extra 10% on the pair of Comply tips Apple should have included with their own buds. What Apple device have you not spent a little extra on, to ensure it’s just the way you want it?