You’ll be able to set default email and browser apps in iPadOS 14

I’m not sure if I missed it, but it seems Apple glossed over a fairly important iPadOS 14 feature during its WWDC keynote. On the slide (seen above) mentioning new features for the next version of iPadOS, we spotted an interesting tab labeled ‘Set default email and browser apps.’

Currently, Apple’s Mail and Safari are the default email and browser apps for both iOS and iPadOS. This means that even if you like using third party apps such as Spark or Chrome, anytime you click an email or web link, you are automatically forced into the stock clients. But that appears set to change with iPadOS 14. As recent rumors have suggested, Apple will allow iPad users running the new software to set third party apps as the default clients. It’s not clear yet if this will make its way to iOS or macOS, but it’s a welcomed change to be sure.

Top image: The Verge