Next-gen AirPods receive Bluetooth SIG certification

The next model of Apple’s popular AirPods has surpassed another milestone on its way to release. As noted by MySmartPrice, the wireless earbuds have received certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), essentially giving them the green light to move forward.

A listing for the Apple AirPods appeared on the Bluetooth SIG that mentions the device by the model number such as A2031 and A2032. Along with these details, we also can see that that the next-generation of AirPods will have Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Additionally, the outlet points to renewed trademark filings in Hong Kong and Europe where Apple has updated the classification for its ‘AirPods’ moniker to include aspects like wellness, health, exercise and biometric data. Previous rumors and reports have suggested that the next generation of AirPods could include improved water resistance, better noise cancelation and built-in health sensors, such as a heart rate monitor.

Given that Apple’s already hosted two fall events without mentioning the next-gen accessory, it’s hard to imagine the company releasing them this year. That being said, the timing of the Bluetooth SIG certification and renewed trademarks suggest the launch is coming sooner than later.

Source: MySmartPrice