1TB iPad Pro reportedly comes with 6GB of RAM, lower capacity models have 4GB

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The well-known developer and tinkerer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered evidence that you can get the new iPad Pro with 6GB of RAM. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to fork over quite a bit of money to get it: it’s only available on the 1TB models.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Troughton-Smith said “The new iPad Pros both have 6GB of RAM, according to Xcode.” He later clarified that not all SKUs would be getting 6GB of RAM, and it looks like the configuration is reserved for the pricier 1TB models.

Apple doesn’t share information like a device’s RAM with the public, so we can’t 100% confirm this, but fellow hacker Guilherme Rambo corroborates Smith’s findings. Rambo points to leaked model numbers with ‘x’ identifiers as possible 6GB RAM models.

Given that these are in fact ‘Pro’ tablets, and Apple markets them as laptop replacements, it’s a bummer that this info isn’t widely available to potential buyers. If the above is true, how many folks would opt for the 1TB model—or stay away from the tablet entirely?

Source: Twitter