Here’s your iPhone XS marketing wallpaper

Yesterday’s unexpected leak (or could it be a great PR ploy on Apple’s part?) of an upcoming “iPhone XS” refresh has vividly illustrated the difference between a 5.8-inch second-generation iPhone X and the 6.5-inch form factor of a brand-new iPhone XS Plus model. The leak utilizes an unreleased wallpaper depicting what appears to be one-half of an imaginary, colorful planet (looks great on OLED screens!). The planet itself fills about a half of the display, mostly vertically to a great effect, with the pitch black void of space cunningly hiding the notch.

iPhone XS marketing wallpaper

Through some cropping, straightening and perspective warp, we now have this wallpaper in nearly all its glory. Because it was extracted from the leaked slide, this particular wallpaper image isn’t full resolution (yet) and certain parts of it are decidedly lower resolution.

On behalf of the whole iDownloadBlog wallpaper community, we would like to thank @EvgeniyZemelko who’s been able to extract and modify this wall from the leaked iPhone XS slide, sharing it on Twitter and through his Google Drive.

Download the full-resolution wallpaper for iPhone

We did run a reverse image lookup on the image, to no avail, indicating this is likely a composition of multiple images rather than a licensed space-themed photograph.

The notch and the black void of space become one

We should be able to extract the original image file when a Golden Master candidate of iOS 12 drops following the September 12 event. Watch this space for updates.

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How do you like the iPhone XS marketing wallpaper?

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