With Listener Support, Anchor podcasters can finally make some cash

Anchor podcastsWhether you’re a seasoned creator or someone just looking to get started, no podcast solution is easier to use and maintain than Anchor. Now the folks behind the popular podcast creation app are making it easier for you to make money doing what you love. With Listener Support, Anchor podcasters can now make cash through listener subscriptions. 

Beginning today, Aug. 9, you can activate Listener support for your shows created through Anchor. In doing so, listeners can sign up for automatic monthly payments of $0.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to support the show.

When you activate the tool, a podcast support link will be automatically added to your show notes for each episode. Listeners will see this link across all podcast apps. Listeners can make payments through Strip, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, depending on the platform.

Content providers receive the entire pledge minus Anchor’s 4.5 percent cut and Stripe’s standard fees.

Most who embrace podcasts will never make as much revenue as those who promote videos such as those found on YouTube. Regardless, this is an excellent move on Anchor’s part. Until now, the only way creators could make money through Anchor was by selling ads that would be played during a broadcast. By adding Listener Support, another revenue stream has developed.

Still, the new tool isn’t perfect. For one, with Listener Support, you can only offer the three pledge amounts mentioned above. Second, monthly payments are the only way to go, at least for now. Nonetheless, it’s a step in the right direction.

Current Anchor users can activate listener support from their dashboard on anchor.fm. You can download the Anchor app on the App Store.

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