Notchless gradient wallpapers for iPhone X

gradient wallpapers for iphone

Despite the iPhone X notch causing so many initial complaints, almost all other handset companies have since released their own edge-to-edge phone… with a notch. The notch is ‘in!’ For better or worse, I do not see it going away. The easiest way to hide the notch on your iPhone X Home and Lock screens, is to utilize a wallpaper that has a true black band across the top. Today’s collection perfectly hides the iPhone X notch, with this exact strategy.

Seamless and notchless gradient wallpapers for iPhone X

Our Wallpapers of the Week collection releases every Sunday. We strive to bring you photo quality images for your iPhone, iPad, and desktop, but we cannot do it alone. Today’s collection was submitted to us by iDB reader Shivam Sinha. You can find design work by Shivam via the gallery or dribbble account. Alternately, if you are looking for desktop versions, download them directly from the site. Thanks Shivam! You too can submit collections, tips, or tricks to me directly, via @jim_gresham.

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