iOS 11 adoption rate climbs to 76%

Apple’s iOS 11 operating system now powers 76% of active devices in the wild.

The new data point was captured by App Store on April 22, 2018 and released today via Apple’s dashboard for developers. iOS 10 is still found on 10% of active iOS devices while older versions account for 5% of devices that are unsupported by iOS 11.

Apple on January 18 said iOS 11 powered 65% of active devices, meaning the operating system has gained eleven percentage points in the past three months. The major iOS 11.2 software update in December and iOS 11.3 in March likely helped boost iOS 11’s adoption numbers.

To put that in some context, Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest and greatest version of Google’s mobile operating system, is installed on 4.6% of devices that use Google’s Play services. Google’s Android dashboard for developers does not take into account smartphones and tablets that don’t run Play services or use third-party app stores.

The vast majority of Android hardware is on versions there years old.