Distracted Apple employees are finding out how hard the glass walls of the new campus are

A (somewhat comical) report out of Time today is shedding light on an issue at Apple’s new HQ; employees keep walking into the glass walls.

The issue arrises out of the fact many employees eyes are glued to their iPhones, and often don’t see the glass walls and doors that are ever-so-prevalent around the office.

Aside from the exterior largely crafted of glass, the interior is ripe with it as well. There are even individual workspaces, dubbed “pods” that are primarily made out of glass.

Steve Jobs himself is credited with the idea of the pods, blending a private workspace with an open environment. While the reception has largely been lauded, you can’t help but chuckle a bit at this turn of events.

Time says some employees have taken to putting sticky notes on doors to better demarcate them, but have found them removed as it detracts from the appearance of the campus. Other employees say there are other markings to designate doors.

There is no firm number on how many times distracted employees have found themselves face-first in a glass wall or door, but it reportedly has been happening repeatedly.

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