Geometric Outbreak design wallpapers

3D geometric wallpapers

We are kicking off the new year with Wallpapers of the Week for you, by you. Today we highlight a favorite category of the iDB community, geometry. Combine that category with a fan favorite, Jason Zigrino, who was featured in our Best of 2017 wallpaper collection. In this collection, Zigrino takes the time to hand create a myriad of images for all of your devices.

3D geometric wallpapers

The total Geometric Outbreak collection is three different designs for six devices with five different color variations, making this a massive 90 wallpaper collection. Additionally, the “Retro” variation offers a version for six devices, bringing the total to 96 individual images. If you are looking for every last one of these walls, you will need to visit Zigrino’s Deviant Art Gallery and download the zip file. Give him a shout on Twitter too: @jasonzigrino. These were all made by him, quite an undertaking.

Below you will find each of the four designs, but in a different color for each device, in order to provide a sampling of the entire collection. The desktop versions are all 3840 x 2160 and I decided to leave off the Apple Watch versions, because it is simpler to download the zip file and sync.

If you want to help the Wallpapers of the Week collection, connect with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the section on a daily basis. Stop by for mid-week downloads or shoot me your tips, tricks, and photo quality images.

Download: iPhone Aqua; Plus Flamingo; X Gold; iPad Space; desktop Steel

Download: iPhone Flamingo; Plus Gold; X Space; iPad Steel; desktop Aqua

Download: iPhone Gold; Plus Space; X Steel; iPad Aqua; desktop Flamingo

Download “Retro”: iPhone; Plus; iPhone X; iPad; desktop

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