Which wireless charger is best? We tested out the top ones to find out

wireless chargers for iphone

If you’ve recently purchased (or received) a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you may be in the market for a wireless charger. Since Qi wireless charging has been supported on Android handsets for some time now, the market is quite saturated with options. That means you have plenty to choose from.

To help make it easier, we’ve rounded up the flagship Qi wireless chargers from several companies and compared them to see which one really is best.

We’ve rounded up quite a few selections for you to peruse, including vertical stands, portable batteries, as well as traditional charging mats. To get the best idea, take a couple minutes to watch our hands-on video.

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With the video out of the way, let’s take a look at all the wireless chargers for iPhone we have in our roundup.

If you just want to view our handy summary with cost, speeds, materials, and included accessories then you can jump to the end.


The Belkin BoostUp is one of two wireless chargers that Apple launched with, and that is available in Apple Stores.

It is white, with silicone ring on the top to help keep your phone in place. There is a small LED light on the side so that you can easily see the status of your charging.

The charger comes in white, and happens to be the widest charger in the roundup, which could be a downside if your space is limited.

It includes the required power adapter (which helps ensure the faster 7.5W of charging), though it is a proprietary charger. The positive side is the removable charging cord is bevelled to sit flush with the side of the charger, which looks better than a simple Micro USB.

The see more details on the Belkin BoostUp charging pad, you can view our full review.

Charger: Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad
Cost: $59.99
Buy: Amazon


Mophie was Apple’s second launch partner, so it too worked with them to ensure the fastest possible charging on the latest iPhones.

It really does have quite the premium feel to it. The body is metal, and has a hefty weight.

There is a really nice soft-touch finish to the entire exterior which not only feels nice, but prevents phones from sliding off.

Like Belkin, the power adapter included is a proprietary one that fits perfectly flush with the body of the charger.

Charger: Mophie Wireless Base
Cost: $59.99
Buy: Direct from Mophie


RAVPower quite impressed me with their USB-C batteries that we looked at, and they did once again with their wireless charger. The Verge even chose it as the best wireless charger to buy right now.

It has a nice metal design that isn’t too big, with a soft silicone pad on the top. Branding is subtle and minimal, and it does a great job at actually charging your iPhone.

It also includes two other accessories that are a solid bonus. First is a 24W USB power adapter (normally around $15 on its own), and second is a nylon wrapped premium Micro-USB cable.

Charger: RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger
Cost: $49.99
Buy: Amazon


Anker is a familiar name in the battery and charger discussion. They often release high quality, affordable products and the same can be said for their wireless charger.

It does feel a bit on the cheaper side being made of plastic, but it is thin, relatively small, and minimalistic.

They also have a charging stand available that will hold your phone at an angle. There are actually two Qi coils inside so that it works whether your phone is laying horizontally (like to watch a movie) or vertically.

They are significantly cheaper than others on the list, but they have solid performance, and you are left to provide your own power adapter.

Charger: Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad
Cost: $23.99
Buy: Amazon

Charger: Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand
Cost: $26.99
View: Amazon


Aukey is another option that is affordable, with a simple design. The unique rounded-triangle shape of their plastic charger helps it stand out from the round design of all of the other on the list.

It does feel a bit chunky, as it is the tallest of all the chargers we reviewed.

No power adapter is included, but with the affordable price, it shouldn’t be difficult to dig one up.

Charger: Aukey LC-Q1 Wireless Charging Pad
Cost: $24.99
Buy: Amazon


Of all the wireless chargers, Satechi really stands out for their stunning design. Like nearly all the products Satechi produces, it is made out of Aluminum. It even has the diamond-cut chamfered edges we saw on the iPhone 5.

It is very thin, and really does look great.

On top is a small, silicone + sign that helps your phone stay in place, though it could be a bit larger.

My only real complaint is the branding that is a bit large in my opinion.

It comes in 4 finishes, Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold to match any iPhone color you may have.

Charger: Satechi Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad
Cost: $34.99
Buy: Direct from Satechi


Looking for something a bit more on the natural side? FoneSalesman makes a pair of nature-inspired Qi chargers that are very cool.

The bamboo-laden WoodPuck has a simple design that really complements a more rustic atmosphere.

The QiStone+ is a portable battery pack that can charge, and be charged wirelessly. It has a relatively small 4000mAh battery, though it is a very comfortable size that fits in your hand or in your pocket.

The exterior of the QiStone+ has a fantastic feel that is slightly textured and feels like a worn stone. It has a backup Micro USB input, and a secondary USB-A output to charge two devices at once.

Check out our full review to see even more details.

Charger: FoneSalesman WoodPuck
Cost: $24.99
Buy: Amazon

Charger: FoneSalesman QiStone+
Cost: $79.99
Buy: Amazon


MobilePal is a second Qi battery pack, but packs quite a bit more power than the QiStone+. It has a 10,000mAh battery inside, but still a relatively slim profile.

It can charge, and be charged, wirelessly, though it has a few other inputs and outputs as well. There is a secondary USB-A output to charge two devices at once, a Micro USB input, and even a Lightning input. That’s right, you can actually charge this battery pack with a Lightning cable, which is something we’ve only seen once or twice before.

Charger: MobilePal 10,o00mAh Wireless Battery
Cost: $39.99
Buy: Amazon


To summarize, let’s take a look at all our wireless chargers for iPhone, leaving out the pair of battery packs.

Charger Speed Power Adapter Included Material Price
Belkin 7.5W Yes Plastic $59.99
Mophie 7.5W Yes Metal $59.99
RAVPower 7.5W Yes Metal $49.99
Anker 5W No Plastic $23.99
Aukey 5W No Plastic $24.99
Satechi 5W No Aluminum $34.99
FoneSalesman 5W No Bamboo $24.99

Picking a charger can be difficult. They all have their pros and cons whether it is the price, design, included accessories, or charging speed.

Decision time

Whether you are picking up a charger for yourself, or as a gift, you are left with many options.

Personally, I prefer the more premium-feeling options to go with my iPhone X. If I spent that amount on my iPhone, might as well spend a few bucks more to get a charger I enjoy using. If price is the most important criteria to you, check out our roundup of best wireless charging pads for iPhone under $30.

So which is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments!