Apple is once again the largest wearables manufacturer

Thanks in large part to the new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has regained the top spot for maker of wearables in Q3 2017.

This news comes from the latest report by Canalys. Xiaomi and Fitbit were also in the top three.

The wearables market saw some positives and some negatives in the third quarter of this year. The overall market was down 2% with demand for basic bands waning, while demands for higher-end units was up. Xiaomi and Fitbit, who came in second and third respectively, each saw gains year over year.

Canalys estimates Apple shipped 3.9 million units during the quarter, compared to 3.6 million units from Xiaomi and 3.5 million from Fitbit.

It seems to be a good trend that the more feature-rich wearables are in demand, though we will see how everyone does going into the busy holiday quarter.