Full notification previews will be hidden on the Lock screen by default on iPhone X

According to a newly released iPhone X first impressions article from Steven Levy at Wired.com, the default settings for Lock screen notifications have been adjusted for the iPhone X.

In the past, the default setting has been to show full previews of notifications by default on the Lock screen of a locked iPhone. Levy reports in his preview article that the default setting on iPhone X is for the phone to hide these previews until the phone is unlocked via Face ID.

Users can set their notification settings back to the old norm via an easy toggle in the settings app, so this change should not be a burden to most users. The following is a quote from Levy’s article:

Alternatively, a good way to see when you’ve been recognized is to notice the generic messages on the lock screen saying “you have a notification” from Facebook, Gmail, or wherever. When you and your iPhone X make that turn-on connection, those flesh out with the actual content of the message. (This feature—withholding potentially private alerts until the phone was unlocked—had previously been available as an option but now is the default.)

As Levy mentions, this change may provide a small unforeseen benefit. This is that the revealing of the notification previews provides a confirmation that Face ID has unlocked the phone. As previously mentioned, this does not make a huge difference considering you can choose whichever option you prefer in the Settings app.

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Source: Wired