Who’s willing to shell out $99 for Apple’s folio case to go with their precious iPhone X?

When you get your iPhone X, be wise and do keep that premium purchase in pristine condition.

And what better way of shielding its gorgeous fullscreen face and all-glass back from scratches, dings and accidental drops than a nicely done protective case. But if you’re thinking about premium first-party protection, brace yourself for an Apple tax.

Available in Cosmos Blue, Taupe, Black and Berry, the new iPhone X folio-style leather case—a first for Apple—will run you a whopping $99.

Let that sink in for a moment. $99 bucks. For an iPhone case.

That’s a huge price increase from Apple’s standard iPhone 8 Plus leather case or their non-folio iPhone X case, each priced at a way more reasonable $49.

And if you throw in an optional AppleCare+ plan, a $200 value, you’re now looking at a minimum total spend of $1,300 for an iPhone X with a leather case and a three-year warranty.

But I digress—to heck with the money, I’m still buying the folio case from Apple!

For starters, this isn’t your ordinary case.

Aside from build quality, premium materials and stylish appearance, the case takes advantage of the integrated Hall sensor in your iPhone X to let you wake and sleep your phone simply by opening the cover, exactly like with an iPad Smart Cover.

“Open it and your iPhone X wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep,” Apple says.

Being a folio-style case in a book-like format, it sports a flap that covers the phone’s screen, a microfiber interior to protect and keep the display clean and enough slots to hold bills, small notes and several cards. And, you can keep the case on while charging your iPhone X wirelessly because it’s radio transparent.

Although this case is currently unavailable on Apple’s online store, you can bet that stock should begin appearing as iPhone X’s November 3 launch date nears.

With all that said, I still won’t be all too happy burning a hundred bucks on an iPhone X case. Yes, I bought my fair share of overpriced accessories in the past, but this is taking things to new extremes—only Apple can get away with charging this much for a smartphone case.

At least it’s still cheaper than an Apple-branded leather sleeve for iPad Pro with a built-in Apple Pencil holder that will set you back an eye-watering $129.

Price is what people are willing to pay for it, I get that.

Still, I’m saddened that Tim Cook & Co. are killing goodwill with insanely priced accessories.

As an example, I still can’t believe I paid $129 for my Magic Trackpad 2 while burning an additional $99 on Apple’s Magic Keyboard! Don’t get me wrong—Magic accessories are good value for money for everything they do. I use them every day and couldn’t be happier with them. But, I do hate that updated models got significantly costlier than the original versions.

Bottom line: the upcoming folio leather case for iPhone X gives Apple tax a whole new meaning, and not in a good way at all.

So, girls and boys, what are your thoughts on Apple’s pricing scheme for accessories?

How about that $99 leather case? Does it justify the high price by offering features like wireless charging support and iPad Smart Cover-style functionality?

Let us know in the comments!