Wallpapers of the Week: abstract shapes and colors

colors and shapes wallpapers

The Wallpapers of the Week section is full of different types of images and we try to post them in specific categories or themes. However, sometimes, I end up with a bunch of random wallpapers from reader submissions that are amazing, but do not fit nicely into a specific category. Today, I wanted to throw out a little smorgasbord of downloads for your viewing pleasure. You will find a mismatched collection of images, where the only similarity is their beautiful abstract shape and colors.

Reader abstract wallpapers

Our iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection is comprised primarily of images submitted by readers to me via @jim_gresham. Alternately, I search through the Web on a daily basis just trying to find picture perfect images for our iOS devices. Today’s collection comes from three different submissions, listed under the images below. Thanks to Philipp, Alex, and AR72014 for these incredible wallpapers.

If you have a set, collection, or a bunch of amazing images that are crispy enough to make a great wallpaper, make sure to connect with me on Twitter, or just follow along for mid-week downloads.

Download via @phlntn7680 × 4320 (this will fit any device, just resize when setting)

Download via @alexmuench: iPhone (not X)

Download via @AR72014: iPhone; iPhone X

Download via @AR72014: iPhone; iPhone X

Download Xaomi MiBook Pro via @AR72014: iPhone; iPhone X

Download AuraX via @AR72014: iPhone X