Case-Mate iPhone X cases are in stock and ready to ship

You are ordering a brand new iPhone X soon, but want to protect your future investment. Case-Mate announced their new line of iPhone X and there appears to be something for all genres of taste. I tried to cover cases that were most specific to our readership and I intentionally included a unique flower version too! It’s cool, I promise. Take a look inside for the new additions and order a case in time to take that iPhone out of the box and straight to a case. All these cases are in stock too!

Case-Mate iPhone X cases

Tough ID Case

The Case-Mate Tough ID Case is a two-piece polycarbonate and TPU case with a genuine leather ID card holder. The card holder could easily handle two cards per slot. The detachable inner layer is soft and malleable easily accommodating your new iPhone X, with cutouts for the power button, Lightning port, speaker/mic, and the mute switch. The volume toggles are covered for protection. MIL-STD-810G rating ensures the case can handle a normal height drop as well. The Tough ID is $50.

Tough Clear


The Tough Clear case boasts the same 10′ drop protection of its brother, the Tough ID. However, the Tough Clear is lacking the detachable inner core. Touch Clear is a single unit with cutouts for the power button, Lightning port, speaker/mic, and mute switch. Silver toggles cover the volume buttons. It is a very simple case. The Tough Clear is $40.

Naked Tough

The Naked Tough is, well, almost identical to the case above. In fact, before posting the article, I accidentally uploaded the wrong images for each. The only outright difference is, the Naked Tough has a detachable interior bumper. Honestly, I think I prefer the interior bumper of the Naked Tough, because it seems like there is just a little extra layer of protection. Even with the extra layer, the footprint of the Naked Tough and Tough Clear is seemingly the same. So, coin toss? But, if I had to pick, I would go with the Naked Tough, for the inner bumper. The Naked Tough is $35.

Wallet Folio

The Wallet Folio is a monster. At around .5″ thick, you will not want to tuck this into your front pants pocket. The iPhone X safety harness inside the folio adds the bulk, but keeps the device from moving around. Inside, there are three slots for cards and one clear ID window. Completely wrapped in genuine leather, the case has more of a boardroom than casual look. Given the size and appearance, it more likely to fit in your suit pocket than jeans. The Wallet Folio is $60.

Karat Petals

The Karat Petals case is exactly the same as the Naked Tough, with the inner bumper for protection. What makes the Karat Petals case unique, genuinely all of them are different, is the inclusion of real dried flowers. I have no personal interest in a flashy iPhone X case, but if you are into that kind of thing, this is a really cool case! The Karat Petals line is new to the 2017 lineup. The cases are available in pink, purple, and antique white, for $60.

You can check on the details and see many more cases on the Case-Mate website.