Colorful wallpapers for iPhone

Colorful wallpapers for iPhone

The summer heat is in full swing, at least in the United States, where almost the entire country is engulfed in 90+ degree temperatures. That is 32+ celsius for our international readers. Our friend @AlexMuench is offering to cool things down, at least on your Home screen, with these watermelon and ice cream flavored wallpapers. 

Summery, colorful wallpapers for iPhone

Alex, who works on the Todoist team, has an impressive collection on Dribbble, which includes additional wallpapers and graphic projects. I encourage you to check out his work!

Like always, if you have images to submit, whether your own or not, catch up with me via @jim_gresham, or follow along for mid-week downloads.

Download: Dodger Blue

Download: Heliotrope

Download: Lavender Magenta

Download: Pastel Green

Download: Texas Rose

Download: Watermelon