Apple Music begins staggered rollout of new “My Chill Mix” playlist

Joining the “My Favorites Mix” and “My New Music Mix” playlists at the top of Apple Music’s For You section, a new auto-generated “My Chill Mix” playlist has begun rolling out to users. Apple told The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple that the new mix will not be available to everyone immediately, but it will show up over time.

Designed to help you unwind and relax after a long day, the new playlist is based on music from the genres and songs you listen to and love in Apple Music. “What’s interesting about My Chill Mix is that it’s made up of songs that I know and some I don’t, but even those ones are done by artists that I like,” Dalrymple writes.

Because it’s based on each person’s own listening habits and history, the new mix will be uniquely different for each and every user of Apple Music. It’s not clear if Apple’s algorithms will update the “My Chill Mix” playlist on a weekly basis like the existing “My Favorites Mix” and “My New Music Mix” auto-generated playlists.

Do you see the new “My Chill Mix” mix at the top of Apple Music’s For You section yet? If so, what is your personal chill mix made up of?