iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED-inspired wallpapers

Yesterday, Apple quietly announced the brand new (PRODUCT)RED colorway for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. In fact, Apple quietly announced quite a few updates to several different lines, including a small spec bump for the “iPad,” which is the new way to refer to the older “iPad Air” lineup. Updates aside, we can’t get our hands on any of it today, but we can celebrate with a (PRODUCT)RED wallpaper!

iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED wallpaper

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Download these for iPhoneiPad, and desktop with the Apple logo
Download these for iPhone, iPad, and desktop without the Apple logo

For best rendering on iPhone Lock screen, we suggest choosing the “Still” option and zooming out on the image when first setting up this wallpaper. This will prevent the date and time from covering parts of the Apple logo.

If you missed all of the hype from the new announcements, check out our round up video!

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