Some great stick-on wallets for iPhone

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Stick-on (or adhesive) wallets are the perfect solution for folks who want to leave their wallet at home, but hate the bulkiness of dedicated cases. These are essentially thin pouches that adhere to the back of your device and hold your credit/ID cards and some cash. We know this is not your typical accessory category, so we’ve put together a list of some good options that work with most recent iPhone models.

CardBuddy Deluxe Leather Stick-On Wallet

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The CardBuddy Deluxe is a leather stick-on wallet for the iPhone 6 or later and it should work with most smartphones. It uses a super strong 3M adhesive for easy application and reliable attachment, and it can even attach to the back of an OtterBox and other cases. It can hold up to 3 cards and cash, features minimal branding, and comes in a multitude of colors.

You can buy the CardBuddy Deluxe for $17.

Gecko Stretchy Lycra Extra Tall Adhesive Wallet

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This extra tall adhesive wallet from Gecko can hold up to 6 cards, cash and even earphones. It’s made of a durable elastic fabric that holds everything secure—so secure that you can turn your phone upside down and nothing will fall out. It measures 60mmx96mmx2mm and includes an RFID card protector and microfiber screen cleaner. I kind of dig the Gecko logo and the overall look of this one.

You can buy the Gecko Adhesive Wallet for $16.

3-Pack of No-frills Stick-on Wallets by Cellessentials

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Here is something a little different for folks who don’t want to spend much money on a stick-on wallet. You actually get 3 of them in this pack for under $5. Now there are no frills here, just high quality plastic and 3M adhesive. Fits up to 3 cards securely, as well as some cash Amazon rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars, on more than 100 reviews, and user feedback is surprisingly positive.

You can buy this 3-pack of stick-on wallets for $4.

CardNinja Ultra Slim Self Adhesive Wallet

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CardNinja is one of the more popular brands in this space. It can hold up to 8 cards and cash, thanks to its durable elastic fabric, and like the others it uses high grade 3M adhesive for a secure fit. It’s also compatible with a number of smartphones, and cases, and for those who care the CardNinja is designed in the USA and is 100% USA based support. 60-day worry free guarantee.

You can buy the CardNinja Ultra Slim Stick-on Wallet for $10.

Sinjimoru SinjiPouch Stick-on Wallet for iPhone

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To be honest I’ve never heard of the SinjiPouch, but I think it looks sharp and the user reviews are outstanding. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star Amazon rating on nearly 1,000 reviews. The company claims the Pouch can hold up to 10 credit or ID cards, thanks to its stretchy elastic material, and promises the 3M adhesive lasts as long as you want it to.

You can buy the SinjiPouch Stick-on Wallet for iPhone for $8.