The Sena Watch Roll is a great travel companion for Apple Watch users

Sena Watch Roll review

One of the greatest first world problems of our century is figuring out how you’re going to carry all these extra bands when traveling with an Apple Watch. There are of course many solutions available to you, such as throwing everything in a box or in a pocket of your backpack/luggage, but that is a somewhat inelegant way of going at it.

I recently came across the Sena Watch Roll, a neat-looking leather roll that stores your Apple Watch bands and small accessories in a tight package, offering a worthy storage solution for the classy traveler you are. We’ll have a quick look at it in this short review.

Simple yet elegant design

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Made of European tumbled leather, the Sena Watch Roll measures about 15 inches long when unfolded, and about 3.5 inches when rolled up. The inside is divided into five accessory compartments that are lined with microfiber cloth, ensuring whatever you’ll put in there will be snuggly organized and protected.

A microfiber flap covers all the accessories so that they will stay in place and not accidentally slip out when rolling the Watch Roll or transporting it.

From a design standpoint, it’s fair to say that the Watch Roll is an interesting looking pouch that takes a different approach from the box-type cases I’ve seen before. The brown leather I received on this particular unit, as well as the belt loop closing system give the Watch Roll a style that Indian Jones probably would be jealous of.

But looks aren’t everything. Convenience and portability are key.

Using the Watch Roll

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Putting bands and other accessories in and out of the compartments is as simple as you’d think. Depending on the size of your bands, you might be able to store two, or maybe even three bands per compartment.

One major downside I encountered is that bands that are in one piece instead of two separate pieces, such as the Link Bracelet, won’t fit in the Watch Roll because they are too tall. This is a big problem to me because I never travel without my Link Bracelet. In that case, I’d have to wear the Link Bracelet instead of storing it for the duration of the travel. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it should be kept in mind nonetheless.

Once you’re ready to go, simply roll up the pouch and use the leather belt loop closure to make sure everything is tight and won’t move.

Beyond its looks, the Watch Roll is very practical when rolled up. Unlike what I thought at first sight, it actually doesn’t take much room, even when filled with five bands and a six foot Apple Watch charger.

Is the Sena Watch Roll the perfect travel companion?

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All in all, I think the Sena Watch Roll is a really good travel accessory. It looks great, it is practical, light, and just as important when traveling, it doesn’t take much space.

Would I travel with it? Absolutely. Until I find a better solution, the Watch Roll will be riding along on all my future trips. It will definitely be a better option than the small box I’ve been using until then to store my bands when traveling.

The Sena Watch Roll is currently $59.95 from Sena’s website (normal price is $79.95) . It is available in brown or black.

On a similar topic, I reviewed a nice portfolio band case in the past, but that one wasn’t very travel friendly. Still, if you’re looking for a case to store your bands, you might want to have a look at it.