Nomad opens outlet store with huge discounts on some of their products

nomad outlet

Nomad recently opened an outlet store where you can get up to 50% off some of their most popular products. Even better, with exclusive promo code idb2016, you can get an extra 15% off your order.

When I asked Nomad if there was anything wrong with these products, I was told they are all brand new, in box, and unopened, so you’re definitely not getting some sort of refurbished product here. Just the same product you would get if you ordered from their main storefront, except you get a much better deal.

Not all Nomad products are available in the outlet store though. My new favorite Apple Watch band for example, the Strap, is unfortunately not part of the deal.

Here is a list of the products and prices you can get in the outlet:

  • Stand for Apple Watch: $49.95 now $29.95
  • Pod for Apple Watch: $59.95 now $29.95
  • Wallet for iPhone: $99.95 now $59.95
  • NomadPlus: $39.95 now $19.95
  • Carabiner for GoPro: $29.95 now $14.95

As mentioned above, if you use promo code idb2016 at check out, you’ll be able to shave another 15% off the total price. Nomad products usually aren’t cheap, so it’s nice to be able to get some of them at such a good price.

I believe these deals will be available in limited quantities, so you might want to act fast and visit their outlet store now.