Joli Originals offers a premium leather sleeve for iPad Pro

smoothipad by Joli

Recently, finding time in my schedule to offer a review has been very difficult. However, some products just beg to have a closer look and Joli Original’s iPad sleeve for iPad Pro is one of those accessories. After receiving my iPad Pro, I began the quest to find a protective covering, but was not interested in Apple’s expensive cases or the Smart Keyboard. As a fan of using naked devices, I was only looking for a simple, protective case when I found Joli Originals.

After browsing the product site, I felt like a sleeve was the best way of protecting my iPad Pro, but still giving me quick access to the device in its truest form. Based on the product images, I was convinced the Smooth Collection was a high quality sleeve, that would very well match the premium experience of the iPad Pro. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and this case certainly fits the bill.

Joli’s iPad Pro Smooth Collection


I truly appreciate Joli’s commitment to a personal experience. They actually hand make each case right in their Amsterdam shop! Jolien and Harold, the entrepreneurial couple, decided to start making sleeves when they could not find one that fit their high standards.

The iPad cases are handmade from smooth, premium Italian leather. A full grain waxed leather ages with use, as you would expect with any high-end soft leather product. With a natural uneven texture, each sleeve will offer a slightly customized exterior. Inside, 100% Dutch wool keeps the iPad protected and makes it easy to slide the device in-and-out. Consisting of two individual pieces of leather, front and back, the edges are stitched on the sleeve’s exterior with parachute thread for extra strength.

Joli message iPad Pro sleeve

When I opened the shipping sleeve, I was greeted with a small hand drawn thank you message, adding an extra personalized touch. My first impression of the sleeve was focused solely on the leather’s texture. It was very smooth, but I was most surprised by the softness. I am really lost for a comparison of the feeling and using the word “supple” to describe a leather product seems stereotypical. However, for lack of an alternative, the Smooth Collection sleeve is just that, supple.

The interior Dutch wool is also holding up nicely. I have been carrying this sleeve in my daily backpack for more than one month and remove my iPad several times per day. Having used other felt and wool sleeves, they often quickly deteriorate or collect lent nuggets from normal wear and tear. The Joli wool is holding up with normal usage and the leather is starting to patina with the natural hand oils, giving it a slight vintaged appearance over time.

Personal opinions

Overall, I really love the Joli Smooth Collection iPad Pro case. Its austere design is exactly what I was hoping for in a sleeve. The sleeve is a simple design that does not try to become the personality of my iOS device, rather is a confident companion. I always prefer to carry a case that allows free access to use my device and is not over designed, detracting from the beauty of the device, but is attractive in its own simplicity.

The interior wool comes in several colors, currently, red, black, aqua, brown, orange, and pink, but this selection is determined by the exterior leather color, either, grey, brown, or dark brown. Showing off the interior color, the wool is sandwiched between the leather exterior and the stitching is also external, meaning you can see the wool around the exterior edges.

Joli iPad case interior

While I like seeing the wool color show through on the edges, I would prefer for the stitching to be interior to the sleeve. This would be achieved by stitching the sleeve and then turning it right-side-out. That process would leave the stitching internal to the sleeve and prevent the small fringe of excess material on the outside seam, which is not preventable when the sleeve is stitched on the outside.


I love sleeves, instead of bulky cases. I love premium leather accessories for my iOS devices. After investing in the iPad Pro, I was interested to invest in a premium leather sleeve for my device to fit my preferences. Joli perfectly fit that very specific requirement in an amazing way. I greatly appreciate the team sending one to me for review. As always, this is not a paid review.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 5.02.11 PM

The sleeve precisely adheres to iPad Pro and actually needs to be broken-in for a while before it fits perfectly. They make a version that will hold a smart case or smart keyboard, but I opted for the caseless design. There are both a Smooth and Textured collection for MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and extras for wallets, cable wraps, passports, and a memo book sleeve.

Pricing varies by collection. The Smooth Collection iPad Pro sleeve is €90.08 or $97.56USD. On the lower end, iPad mini sleeves are €65.29 or $70.71USD. While this is certainly one of the most expensive sleeves you can find, it is also that price for a reason. Often, you get what you pay for, certainly in the online iPad case department. Nothing that is worth it, is ever cheap. Finding a sleeve on Amazon would be easy and for a much lower price, but with Joli Originals, you are getting a handcrafted, premium Italian leather sleeve and, most importantly, helping a design-minded couple thrive in their homegrown business.