Bold iPad Pro wallpapers

iPad Pro Bold Wallpaper splash

Apple’s newest flagship iOS device, iPad Pro, offers a screen with 5.6 million pixels. The engrossing screen is quite spectacular, even if recent reports peg the iPad mini 4 display as best. I was surprised to find very few iPad Pro wallpapers around the Internet, that took advantage of the massive new screen. Consequently, I was left on my own to scramble up some options.

Inside, you will find several iPad Pro wallpapers. It is a shame to have that giant screen, but no customizable wallpaper options. There are two different orientations, which are explained within, helping take advantage of the landscape size. Take a step inside for great downloads for your newest device.

iPad Pro wallpapers

Because there are little-to-no photo quality iPad Pro wallpapers online, I was left to cropping images found via, in an attempt to provide wallpapers for Apple’s latest iOS device.

Immediately below, the next five wallpapers are square images at 2732 x 2732. This means, when iPad Pro is rotated, the image should remain fairly centered. The images were large enough to accommodate this type of adjustment and still maintain photo quality resolutions.

Atlantis Nebula 3 By Starkiteckt iPad Pro Wallpaper 2732x2732

Download: Atlantis Nebula 3 by Starkiteckt

Diamond Peak Sunset By Robert Bynum iPad Pro Wallpaper 2732x2732

Download: Diamond Peak Sunset by Robert Bynum

Reflection on the Lake By Oliver Buettner iPad Pro Wallpaper 2732x2732

Download: Reflection on the Lake by Oliver Buttoner

Rumkale By hannanaslan iPad Pro Wallpaper 2732x2732

Download: Rumkale by hannanaslan

Rockefeller View By Maikel Claassen iPad Pro Wallpaper 2732x2732

Download: Rockefeller View by Maikel Claassen

The images below were not quite large enough to make a perfectly square crop. However, they were big enough to give preference to a landscape orientation. The following wallpapers are cropped at 2732 x 2048. Typically, iOS device wallpapers would be cropped with the opposite orientation, 2048 x 2732, giving portrait the preference on image clarity. However, after using my iPad Pro for two weeks, I find it is more used in landscape, hence the crop orientation. The images still look fine in portrait mode, but look best in landscape.

The Eleventh Hour By Dominic Kamp iPad Pro Wallpaper

Download: The Eleventh Hour by Dominic Kamp

Vancouvers Mirror by Mohsen Kamalzadeh iPad Pro Wallpaper

Download: Vancouvers Mirror by Mohsen Kamalzadeh

Mount Eggli by Robin Kamp iPad Pro Wallpaper

Download: Mount Eggli by Robin Kamp


If you have any excellent, photo quality imagery that will fit an iPad Pro at 2732 x 2732, make sure to catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. In that same regard, if you have any great wallpapers you would like considered for the Wallpapers of the Week section, feel free to send a message my way. Before submitting, make sure the images are already preformatted for iOS devices.

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