Wallpapers of the week: Hey Siri and Apple TV

Apple TV and Siri splash Jason Zigrino

This past week, Apple launched the new generation Apple TV. Pre-orders began to arrive Friday, October 30 and a plentiful supply of stock was available in Apple Stores. Two new features for the device include Siri enhanced search and navigation, along with new time lapse motion screen savers.

To commemorate the occasion, the included images are inspired by Siri and Apple TV in this Wallpapers of the Week installment. Take a step inside for a plethora of download options, including Apple Watch and iPad Pro sized images. 

This week we are featuring graphic artist @JasonZigrino, who has been churning out timely designed wallpapers for the past couple weeks. You can follow his work more closely via dribbble.

Apple TV wallpapers

The new Apple TV uses time lapse motion screen savers when interactivity ends. High resolution video plays on the connected TV, instead of the old photo album-based images. Earlier this week, we featured an article about how to make the Apple TV screen savers an option on your OS X devices.

Below, you can see the screen saver cities are listed as downloadable options. The opacity in the wallpaper covers the images derived from Apple TV video snippets. Before firing off a comment below, the actual imagery from the Apple TV screen savers cannot easily be turned into photo realistic wallpapers themselves, because the screen saver is based on live-streamed video from Apple’s servers. Consequently, grabbing a screenshot of the video would result in poor quality wallpapers.

JasonZigrino Apple TV wallpaper splash

Download Default: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Download China: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Download Hawaii: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Download London: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Download New York: 16 x 9 (5120 x 2880); 16 x 10 (4608 x 2880)

Hey Siri

Hey Siri Jason Zigrino splash

Download “Hey Siri: iPad Pro; iPad; iPhone; Apple Watch


To have your images considered for the Wallpapers of the Week section, catch up with me via @jim_gresham. The wallpapers do not need to be original works of art, but please provide credit where due. If you choose to submit, please ensure the images are pre-formatted for specific iOS devices.