Wallpapers of the week: sunsets

Sunset wallpaper spalsh

We continue the Wallpapers of the Week section with sunset wallpapers. This natural beauty is hard to synthesize and these photographs capture the colors extremely well. An inspiration for today’s wallpapers today is the new iPhone Rose Gold edition. Several of the images include strong hints of pink, which should pair nicely with your Rose Gold iPhone or Apple Watch. If you ordered a Rose Gold version, start looking out for new wallpapers that will show off your new iPhone.

Sunset wallpapers for iPad and iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


If you would like to submit wallpapers for the Wallpapers of the Week section, catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. We welcome any images, whether you made them or found them, but give credit where it is due and make sure the walls are pre-formatted for current iOS device screens.

Did any of your order a Rose Gold iPhone?

splash image via placeit.net