Textured pattern wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Textured Wallpaper Splash

Continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section, we turn to simplistic images. Often, patterns and textures make for great Home and Lock screen images because they can be colorful, but not distract from the UI elements, like the clock or app icons. Personally, I prefer this style wallpaper due to the simplistic nature of the images.

Below the fold, you will find several walls to choose from, which will bring nice contrast to your devices, even if color isn’t a requirement to do so.



Download: iPhone; iPad


Download: iPhone; iPad


Download: iPhone; iPad


Download: iPhone; iPad


Download: iPhone; iPad


To have your images, either original or scavenged, please connect with me on Twitter via @jim_gresham! If submitting, please only send wallpapers that are pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices, either iPhone 6 (Plus) or iPad Air 2.

Splash image via placeit.net