10 great accessories for your new Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch officially goes on sale today, and if you happen to be one of the lucky ones picking one up (or having one delivered to you), you may be wondering what kind of accessories are available for it. Unfortunately, as with most major product launches, the choices are limited.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. We’ve put together a list of 10 accessories for your new Apple Watch, including cases, stands and replacement bands, that we think are worth checking out. All of the items on this list are either available now, or will be shortly, and have high ratings.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

spigen thick case

Whether you’re at the gym or the office, the Tough Armor case for the Apple Watch will guard against bumps and scratches. It’s constructed with high quality polycarbonate and TPU for a bolstered design that absorbs shock and gives a solid appearance. Buttons and wristband functionality are maintained to deliver active, multi-tasking protection for an active and multi-tasking lifestyle. The case weighs 6.1 ounces and features a built-in screen protector. You can find it on Amazon for $18.99.

Spigen Thin Exact Fit Case

spigen thin case

The Thin Fit for the Apple Watch keeps things trim and lightweight for simplified protection of your smartwatch. With a precise, snap-on fit and neat presentation, the watch’s original form is preserved while staying fully compatible with the wristband for multi-tasking defense. The case is made from a premium polycarbonate and only weighs 2.1 ounces. It’s available on Amazon for $14.99.

Twelve South HiRise Stand

twelvesouth dock

HiRise for Apple Watch is an elegant, modern stand that showcases your beautiful new high-tech timepiece while you charge it overnight. The sturdy HiRise holds any Apple Watch at an elevated height and angle that lets you interact with your watch while it’s charging. It only takes a moment to insert (or remove) your Magnetic Charging Cable, and it can be used with any style Apple Watch band, including closed-loop metal bands. The HiRise is $49.99, and more info is available at Twelve South.

Nomad Stand

nomad dock

Nomad’s Stand is a minimalist charging stand built from a solid piece of extruded, aircraft grade, precision CNC’d aluminum. And its machined non-visible cable routing channel sits discretely on its backside, creating a stealthy passageway for your Apple Watch charging cable. Simply put, Stand is incredibly well built. Stand is available in Space Gray and Silver for $59.95 on Nomad’s website.

Spigen Aluminum Stand

spigen dock

The Watch Stand for Apple Watch is constructed of flexible TPU and premium aluminum for a solid build that supports the watch at a stable and comfortable viewing angle. It features a circular cut-out to securely fit the charger beneath the watch. The smart design and sleek appearance make for an effortless simplification of managing your watch off the wrist and on the desk or night stand. The Watch Stand is available on Amazon for $19.99.

Navitech Aluminum Charging Dock

navitech stand

The Navitech dock is made with real aluminium, giving the stand a more polished look and more weight for better stabilization. The Apple Watch’s inductive charger slots comfortably into the stand, allowing the Watch to sit at an angle that is perfect for a desktop or nightstand. The Navitech Aluminum Charging Dock is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand

pad and quil stand

Hewn from a single piece of American Cherry or African Mahogany, the Pocket Stand is then hand finished with furniture grade oil and assembled in the P&Q Minneapolis shop. Equipped with an inlet that cradles your charging magnet, the Stand will be a beautiful addition to your bedside table. Fold it shut with magnet in tow and it becomes a slender case that slips streamline into a pocket or bag. The Luxury Pocket Stand starts at $69.99, and is available for pre-order.

Mophie Watch Dock

mophie stand

Mophie’s Watch Dock is made of a durable aluminum construction, with premium leather accents. The slightly elevated, slightly angled charging position makes it easy to use your watch’s touchscreen and other features while charging. And the charging cable provided with your Apple Watch is concealed inside the dock, eliminating cable clutter and making charging effortless. The Watch Dock is $59.99 and is available for pre-order.

Baseus Genuine Leather Strap

The Baseus Genuine Leather Strap was designed as a replacement strap for Apple’s 42mm classic or modern buckle band. It’s made of soft leather, meaning it’s both durable and elegant, and it comes with the tools required to attach the band to your Apple Watch. The Baseus Strap is available on Amazon for $19.99.

ULAK Canvas Strap

The ULAK Canvas Strap is a replacement band for Apple’s 42mm classic or modern buckle band. It’s made of high quality leather canvas, so it not only looks good but it’s also very durable and water resistant. Like other third-party bands, this one comes with the tools needed to attach it to your Apple Watch. The ULAK Canvas Strap is available on Amazon for $13.99.

If none of these appeal to you, don’t worry, accessories will continue to multiply as the Apple Watch becomes more popular. In fact, we’re already aware of several cool products in the pipeline, including the Click band adapter, Lunatik’s EPIK waterproof case, and the Wipowerband.