Apple Watch: you can rent it before you buy it

apple watch

If you find Apple Watch’s $349 price tag a bit on the expensive side, you may be happy to know that you’ll be able to take it for a test drive for far less than that. Gadget rental startup Lumoid says that it plans to rent out the Watch for $45/week, once it launches next month.

Lumoid, which already rents out FitBits and similar devices, says the $45 will get you the Sports version of Apple Watch, and $25 of that will go towards the purchase price if you decide to buy it. The firm will also offer the Steel version for $55, but will not carry Edition models.

“It’s easy to see how a phone or computer or tablet fits into your life, but a watch that reminds you to stand or helps you pay for for your groceries can be a harder sell, especially when you only get to test it in the store,” a spokesperson for the San Francisco company told Mashable.

Apple of course will allow customers to try on Apple Watch in its retail stores, but that’s hardly enough time to determine if it will prove useful, meaning this concept could prove popular. In fact, Lumoid has already started a waiting list for folks interested in renting the Apple Watch.

Source: Mashable