Kim Kardashian mocks herself in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl advertisement

T-Mobile holiday 2014 ad image 001

In an effort to continue boosting its subscriber numbers, T-Mobile will be airing an advertisement in the Super Bowl this Sunday, with none-other than Kim Kardashian. And in typical T-Mobile fashion, it’s a hilarious ad spot that should garner some attention. #KimsDataStash

The advertisement is pretty much just Kim making fun of herself the entire time. If you’ve seen her on Instagram (yeah… I follow her, sorry) she posts some pretty ridiculous selfies.

On a serious note, T-Mobile is advertising its Data Stash program that lets you roll the unused 4G LTE data you paid for into the next month, for 12 months – all at no extra charge. Plus, for one time T-Mobile will give 10GB of 4G LTE data.

Legere is impressed!