Whimsical colors for iPhone and iPad

Whimsical wallpaper AR7 splash

As with any new iPhone launch involving a screen size change, new wallpapers are somewhat hard to find. In our effort to support your wallpaper creativity, the Wallpapers of the Week section is a promise to keep you looking fresh on a daily basis.

As there is no iOS 8 jailbreak in sight, changing your wallpaper is one of the ways to graphically change your device. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to more impressively change my UI, but in the meantime, the wallpaper rotation is as good as it gets.


Frequently featured, AR7, better known by his twitter handle @AR72014, has been featured several times on the Wallpapers of the Week section. You can keep an eye on his work by following him on Twitter or downloading his self titled AR7 wallpaper app, which is not yet updated for iPhone 6.

Keeping up with the iOS 7 translucent interface, iOS 8 is easily changed with wallpaper. Screens are clear windows into the Home screen background and changing the color therein provides a new experience throughout.


Download: iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus

Reflected AR72014_2014-Oct-09 splash

Download: iPhone 5s; iPhone 6

The following images are also in a similar style but were gleaned from the internet. Additionally, because we have not promoted any iPad wallpapers in a while, the images below also boast an iPad Retina copy.

Whimsical light dark splash wallpapers

Download: Light (iPad; iPhone 6 Plus); Dark (iPad; iPhone 6 Plus)


To have images considered for the Wallpapers of the Week section, you do not need to be the original artist. If you have some great wallpapers, send them my way @jim_gresham. Of course, if you are sending in pictures from your favorite vacation, make sure the images are cropped specifically for an iOS device. iPad and iPhone images are welcome, but please make sure they are updated for the largest latest devices, in this case, the iPhone 6 Plus or Retina Air.