GhostPrefs adds tons of new features to Snapchat

The popular messaging app Snapchat allows users to share self-destructible photos, videos or message which disappear from the recipient’s device after a period of time. The whole point of the app is to ensure that the ‘snaps’ are not permanent, unless the receiver takes a screenshot. However, when a screenshot of a snap is taken, the other person will be notified and will also be informed how many screenshots were taken. To get rid of this restriction and enjoy new features, you might be interested in checking out a new jailbreak tweak known as GhostPrefs

GhostPrefs brings a host of new features to the Snapchat and allows users to enable or disable the stock features. The tweak provides the following options:

  • Prevent sending replay, screenshot or type alerts.
  • Send photos or videos from the Camera Roll
  • Get rid of the daily replay limit which is set to 1 by default
  • Permanently save all the sent or received messages
  • Get rid of the characters limit
  • ‘Smarter Filters’ which removes the requirement to enable Location Service
  • Story wont show as view or advance until the screen is tapped
  • Always stay logged in
  • Show open and save button
  • Hide the snap timer
  • Hide the new messages counter on the camera icon

Not only this but the tweak also provides many more options, such as the ability to disable stock features including torch, shutter sound, recent contacts etc., override both temperature and speed filters and much more.


Once you install GhostPrefs, a new preferences pane will be added to the stock Settings app where you can enable or disable each of the options mentioned earlier. A ‘Kill Snapchat’ button is also located at the end of the tweak’s preferences pane, which closes the Snapchat app in order for the changes to take place.

If you are looking for additional features, I recommend that you check out Phantom also. The developer also promises that GhostPrefs works with other Snapchat tweaks as well, unless “overlapping features” are enabled.

GhostPrefs is now available on Cydia for free and works with the latest version of Snapchat.

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