iPhone 6 camera lens sticks out 0.67 millimeters, alleged production schematic hints

iPhone 6 (protruding camera lens, AppleClub.tw 001)

After several alleged production images and rear shell photos published recently have indicated strongly that one or maybe both new iPhone models could feature an iPod touch-style protruding camera ring on the back, a purported three-dimensional render of a device that resembles the iPhone 6 has surfaced today, showing a camera lens that sticks out between 0.67 and 0.77 millimeters…

The image top of post was republished from a Chinese source Wednesday by Apple.club.tw [Google Translate] and relayed by GforGames.

It’s apparently a three-dimensional rendering of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that was probably created as part of the production schematic. The Moiré pattern seen on the image points to the conclusion that a source photographed the render on a computer display.

The website claims that the photo depicts a 4.7-inch device which is ostensibly just 7 millimeters thick.

The accompanying comments suggest that the first prototype had a camera ring on the back protruding 0.77 millimeters. A device named “Proto2” is mentioned as having the camera ring which sticks out some 0.67 millimeters.

The “N56” label seen on the photo is an internal code-name for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The 5.5-incher has been given a codename of “N61”. French blog NowhereElse.fr was first to report these code-names nearly a month ago.

iPhone 6 (camera ring, Feld and Volk 001)

Pictured above: the protruding iPhone 6 camera ring that Russian luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk posted on its Instagram.

As for the claimed schematic, the “Proto 1” and “Proto 2” labels might point to the conclusion that both handsets — the 4.7-inch version and its 5.5-inch counterpart — feature a camera lens extending outward from the rear cover.

Alternatively, the image could mean that just one of the two new iPhones has a protruding lens, meaning “Proto 1” and “Proto 2” denote prototypes of a single model.

Another possibility: the alleged schematic could be for a sixth-generation iPod touch.

What do you say?