SpotFile: navigate iOS filesystem in Spotlight search


The same developer who made the script for switching between Mac partitions into a standalone application is back with a new jailbreak tweak called SpotFile. This tweak brings basic iFile functionality directly to Spotlight search, allowing users to navigate iOS’s filesystem from the Home screen.

While it was built for granting quick access to the file directory in iOS, SpotFile’s functionality can do quite a bit more than simply browse files and directories, and the developer says there are more features on the way…

Even now, SpotFile packs a lot of features into Spotlight, including the abilities to:

  • Open in iFile
  • Open in MyFile
  • Delete an item
  • Attach a file to an email
  • Upload a file to Dropbox
  • Save a photo to Camera Roll
  • Copy a file path
  • Install a Debian package

In the future, SpotFile is slated to gain the additional capabilities of previewing images and renaming items – all from Spotlight search.


SpotFile primarily targets advanced jailbreakers who find themselves frequently navigating their device’s directory. A quick pull on Spotlight allows users to begin typing any file path to view its contents, and all the files and folders contained within the specific index can be browsed and managed from Spotlight. There’s also a conveniently placed “Back” button for going up a level in a directory.

There aren’t any options to configure, but SpotFile installation requires SearchLoader, which is free in Cydia. As with any tweak dependency, this is automatically downloaded and installed along with SpotFile.

SpotFile is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.49 for both iPhone and iPad. If you pick up a copy, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!