Show support for the evad3rs with the official evasi0n skin

Evad3rs iPhone Skins

With JailbreakCon right around the corner, it might be time for you to spice up your iPhone or iPad, not only to show support to the jailbreak community, but also to the people who brought to you evasi0n7, the jailbreak for iOS 7.

With that in mind, the fine folks at iCarbons have partnered with the evad3rs to bring you the official evasi0n skins for iPhone and iPad. Created with their legendary care and precision, these high quality vinyl skins are sure to make it clear you’re on Team Jailbreak’s side…

Evaders skin silver

As with all iCarbons skins, you can customize this official evad3rs skin to a granular level as you’ll be able to pick from several colors for each element of the skin. There are of course some default color combinations that look great (ie. black and red), but if neon green and flashy pink is to your taste, then by any means, knock yourself out.

Evad3rs iPhone Skins blue black silver

You can get the official evasi0n skin, starting at $13 from iCarbons’s website. Best of all, iCarbons will donate 25% of each sale to the jailbreak efforts of the evad3rs.