Walmart to start selling iPhone 5c for $27, 5s for $127 this Friday

5s 5c banner

The Los Angeles Times is reporting this evening that, as part of a holiday sale, Walmart plans to begin offering the iPhone 5c for $27 and iPhone 5s for $127 with a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon this Friday.

Now, we’ve seen several deals on these two handsets over the past couple of weeks, but many of those were Black Friday specials that have since expired. So if you’re in the market right now, this may be your best bet…

Salvador Rodriguez reports:

“As part of a holiday sale starting Friday, Wal-Mart plans to offer the iPhone 5c for $27 with a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon. That’s a huge discount on the iPhone 5c, a $99 model that Apple introduced just three months ago.

The iPhone 5c has struggled to sell and Wal-Mart has been discounting it since it was released in September. Friday’s sale price won’t be as good at what Wal-Mart offered on Black Friday — $45 for an iPhone 5c with a $75 gift card thrown in — but you’ll be hard pressed to find the iPhone 5c for cheaper than $27.”

Rodriguez doesn’t mention a specific model for either of the two iPhones, but we’re guessing that the deal applies to the 16GB versions of both. Also, it’s worth repeating again that these prices include a 2-year contract.

Walmart’s Friday sale also includes other electronics, video games, toys and clothing. The event is set to kick-off Friday morning at 8 am local time and sale prices are good through December 24, or while supplies last.