AT&T now offers LTE roaming in Canada on Rogers

Cell tower (Flickr user forklift)

AT&T announced this morning that it has become the first major United States wireless carrier to offer international LTE roaming through a newly-launched LTE roaming partnership in Canada with Rogers Communications. The carrier blankets about 70 percent of Canadians with its fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) signal, including major cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

The roaming partnership should appeal to AT&T’s users who need to access Roger’s LTE network when visiting Canada. Previously, AT&T users worried about giving up 4G speeds when crossing the border.

But as you could probably imagine, roaming deals don’t come cheap and that’s exactly the case with the AT&T-Rogers partnership as well. I’ve included more tidbits for you right after the break…

AT&T’s press release mentions the three basic Data Global Add-On tiers: the $30 per month bucket which includes 120MB of data, the $60 per month one with $300MB of data and the priciest 800MB bucket which will set you back a whopping $120 per month.

If you occasionally travel to Canada, you’d be better served simply picking up a prepaid SIM from a local carrier than agree to AT&T’s exorbitant rates.

I told you roaming deals were a rip-off!

More about AT&T’s packages for world travelers can be found at this link.

Rogers’ LTE network reaches about 70 percent of Canadian population from coast to coast. The communications and media company is planning to expand coverage to 95 new markets by the end of this year.

About 42 percent of AT&T’s postpaid smartphone customers use an LTE device, with 70 percent of AT&T customers using a 4G-capable device (LTE and HSPA+), as reported in AT&T’s September quarter earnings filing.