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iGlaze armour splash moshi

As soon as I ordered my iPhone 5s, I began hunting around the internet for new cases. Yes, iPhone 5 cases are completely compatible with iPhone 5s, but I started looking anyway. New iPhone, new case, is my standard. Something fresh was needed. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for at the time, but something that related to the new 5s in some way.

Moshi came to mind, as they always utilize clean and simple designs. A clip on case is always the most simplistic and I opted for that version. Browsing through the selection, I came across the iGlaze Armour and it is marketed as a slim fit case. The two tone design caught my eye, as it matches the 5s backing. In particular, the gold/silver version caught my attention, because “gold is best.”…

iGlaze Armour

Having opted for the silver iPhone, I figured, why not give it some gold accents. While it isn’t the original gold iPhone, the iGlaze armor will give you some flair without waiting another 30 days. The slim case is made of four visible pieces. The main harness, which clicks around the iPhone edges, is made of polycarbonate to prevent scratches when installing. Note, the edges to not come past the front screen, meaning only five-sided protection. Affixed are diamond cut aluminum back plates, which are silver on top and bottom with brushed gold in between.

Access to the proper ports and buttons is allowed. A hole is cut precisely for the camera, much preferable to the oversized ports on many competing cases. Additionally, a hole is cut to show the Apple logo, just in case someone mistook your precious for an Android device. The port hole is cut with a mirrored finish edge, just for the extra flash. The only detractor is the brand name “moshi,” which rests at the bottom of the gold plate, but is not really distracting.

The iGlaze armour is offered in sliver, black, and gold, for those with preferences, and comes with a back skin to prevent dust damage, caused by little particles that inevitably work their way into any case. The added skin is a nice touch by Moshi to help keep your investment protected. Pick up a gold version starting at $32.90. Also available in black and silver.

iGlaze Kameleon

The Kameleon, like Armour, is a slim fit polycarbonate shell, offering five-sided protection. Side rails protect the four edges, but do not come past the front screen, eliminating the option to place the iPhone face down. A vegan leather backplate covers the shell, giving a soft brushed feeling to the backside.

All ports and buttons are easily accessible, with the same structure as all iGlaze cases. A simple round cutout provides a port so the Apple logo shows thru and the meticulously designed camera port provides just enough cutaway for the flash and lens.

Setting the Kameleon apart, and giving its name, an aluminum kickstand transforms the case into a landscape or portrait viewing device. If you are prone to setting up your iPhone on the go and tired of propping it up, the kickstand is extremely convenient. It is fairly streamlined, but not recessed into the case. Therefore, when setting the case down, it does not lay flat against the surface. I like how the kickstand clicks into place, either open or shut, but this does prevent the user from determining the viewing angle.

Kameleons start at $49.95 in black and are also available in white.


A wallet style case, iPhone sits inside a polycarbonate harness on the right side. To the left, three credit card size slits accommodate most of the essential cards I ever carry and, behind the card slots, is a large pocket for cash. Although the cash pocket is larger, it still requires US dollars to be folded before entry. A microfiber cloth is affixed to the credit card slotted side. It is great for wiping away finger prints when not at my desk. The back of the cloth uses a micro suction liner and, when it no longer sticks to the case, run it under water to clean away dust. In addition, a back skin is included to prevent dust and scratches.

Moshi Overture_B_1

Overture combines synthetic fabric with Moshi’s Terahe-dron microfiber lining. Benefits of this combination provide a splash resistant outer surface, which can be cleaned with third party leather cleaners. Interior, microfiber is simply treatable with a damp cloth. Although these specifics are listed on a small insert with the case, I do not plan on needing to scrub away any grime.

All ports and buttons are accessible and the phone can be charged without removal. Unfortunately, the mute switch and volume buttons are only activated by opening the wallet. This prevents the user from simply reaching inside a pocket and flipping to mute. However, the camera port is cut quite precisely. Unlike some competing cases, the iPhone does not need to be removed for photos or videos.

You can pick up a Moshi Overture starting at $45. It is available in back, gray and orange. Check it out in the video below, but notice the folded view is not an option on the iPhone case.

These are some solid options from Moshi. Thanks to my friend at their office for sending them over. What do you guys think about their items?

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