Wallpapers of the week: nature inspired Light Wind

Eddy Younan splash

We are creeping closer to the public iOS 7 release and the excitement is almost palpable. On Wednesday, we will all be able to get our greedy hands on Jony Ive’s latest software creation and, with it, a whole new list of excellent wallpapers. Actually, for the astute readers, we have already posted the entire list of Apple wallpapers that will be available in iOS 7.

This week is another in the growing installment of Wallpapers of the Week. In this section, we are excited to continually feature the works of our talented readership. Recently, lots of readers submitted excellent wallpapers and the next installments should continue to please. Inside the post, this week’s featured artist is Eddy Younan…


Eddy is a UI and UX designer who is involved in iOS and OS X development, game development and, naturally, a big Apple fan and iDB reader. Using his previous skills, Eddy created “Light Wind” and “Midnight Meadow.” Both of these will look excellent under those transparent iOS 7 layers later this week. Make sure to give @eddyounan a follow to keep up with his latest.

A quick note, before moving on. As with all wallpaper posts, I post the resolutions submitted by the artist. Often, readers comment their concerns that an iPad version or iPhone 4 option is not listed. That is because the artist did not create that device as an option. So, start your new wallpaper folder and download the next two images.

Light Wind Eddy Younan Preview  Midnight Meadow Eddy Younan Preview

iPhone 5/s/c: Light Wind and Midnight Meadow


To get these new images on your iPhone, tap the corresponding description and let the full resolution image load. Once loaded, tap and hold the image, then save to Camera Roll. Finally, locate the newly saved images via Camera Roll or Settings > Wallpapers. Via desktop, load the full image, then right click and save to your iTunes sync folder.


To continue the Wallpapers of the Week section, I need excellent submissions from the readers. If submitting an image, it will only be considered if the artist submits two different, original images that are formatted for either iPhone or iPad, but preferably both. To have your images considered please send me a download link on Twitter @jim_gresham or email them directly by embedding them in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com. Thanks for all of your great walls!

What do you guys think? Who is ready for iOS 7 GM?