Never lose your iPhone in the dark with glowing Slickwraps cases

Slickwraps yellow glow

I find myself fumbling around in the dark looking for my iPhone, while trying not to wake my wife. Black iPhone, dark room, black side table are all my enemies when trying to get my late night Twitter fix. Not that Slickwraps designed a case to encourage bed time iPhone junkies, but I find the glowing aura of this case helpful in similar situations.

When I first offered to review the Slickwraps glow series case, I figured it was a novelty item that children might find in a $.25 grab machine at the local bowling alley. After using the case for more than a week, I am happily surprised to believe quite the opposite of my original impressions…


Slickwraps started as a wrap company that eventually grew into case manufacturing. Holding true to its pedigree, the Slickwraps “the Case” Glow Series comes complete with a multi-piece wrap to cover iPhone where the case does not. Inside the packaging, one will find the Case, screen protector, micro-fiber cloth, and wrap pieces for the volume buttons, sleep/wake button, bottom grill, and front.

Slickwraps front install

The wrap is easy to install and will lift easily for realignment if things go wrong during the process. As all of the pieces are small and individual, they also peel fairly easy if installed hanging over the iPhone’s chamfered edge. It is best to take your time with the front piece that meticulously covers the front. For a quick look at the installation process, check out the video below.

Once everything is neatly in place according to size and location, the Case can be installed. As shown in the video, it is a simple case with six-sided protection and a 1mm thin housing. The texture on the Case is what I like most about the whole experience. It utilizes a very smooth, almost satin-like texture that is smooth to the touch, but, oddly, provides a bit of extra grip at the same time. A glow in the dark panel is inlaid to the case back, providing the glowing ambiance everywhere but the camera port, which is covered by a wrap piece.

Slickwraps the Case glow series


Overall, I like the Case and appreciate Slickwraps for sending it over to review. As I mentioned, it seemed very kitschy in the images on the website, but it has a quality feel and rigidity once in my hands. The glowing wrap is a nice addition to finish off the complete coverage option for iPhone. I am certainly not a fan of loading my iPhone down with wraps and clings, but this one removed easily and was well cut for the install. The front panel is seemingly frustrating to install, but can be left off if desired. Importantly, the necessary sensor holes are cut in the top near the earpiece speaker.

It is a decent case and will protect your iPhone just like any similar snap-on series case, that are a dime-a-dozen. The advantage to the Slickwrap is the included wrap pieces and screen protector. Obviously, the biggest novelty here is the glowing capability paired with the nice textured feel.

The Case also comes in several varieties including the Natural, Carbon, Color, Metal, Glitz, and Leather Series all for $34.95. The price is a little steep for a simple snap-on case, but you will have to decide if the additional wrapping features are worth the extra cash.

What do you guys think about rocking a glowing case?