iPhone 5s photo gallery

iPhone 5s stack

As expected, Apple unveiled two new smartphones today. The first was the plastic iPhone 5c, and the second the iPhone 5s. And if you’ve been paying attention to the rumor mill over the past several months, there shouldn’t have been any surprises.

The 5c comes in various bright colors, and is equipped with hardware comparable to that of the iPhone 5. And the 5s of course looks very similar to its predecessor, but it includes a faster processor, better camera and a built-in fingerprint sensor.

You have to admit that even though it sports the same design as last year, and new features were kept to a minimum, the iPhone 5s is still a very impressive handset–both from a design and performance standpoint. Here, take a look at this gallery…

iPhone 5s side by side gold in frontThe three iPhone 5s color options: Silver, Space Gray and Gold

Space gray iPhone 5s cameraThe redesigned camera system features several improvements, including a F2.2 aperture and a dual-LED flash

white iPhone 5s frontNike’s new app “Nike+ Move” uses the 5s’ M7 motion coprocessor to continuously track movement.

iPhone 5s cases


New custom, Apple-branded leather cases for the iPhone 5s

white iPhone 5s FacetimeThe iPhone 5s features a new FaceTime HD camera: 1.2MP photos, 720HD videos 

Gray iPhone 5s backHere’s a reverse shot of the iPhone 5s in the ‘Space Gray’ colorway

white iPhone 5s cameraAnd here’s a reverse shot of the iPhone 5s in Silver

Gold iPhone 5s top of the screenFront shot of the iPhone 5s in the new Gold color option

white gray gold iPhone 5s side by sideAnd here’s all the colors stacked together, with a focus on the iOS 7 Home screen

Gold iPhone 5s side by sideiOS 7 apps, from left: iTunes Music, Weather app, Game Center app

Gold iPhone 5s side and backSide shot showing the volume buttons on the Gold iPhone 5s

Gold iPhone 5s frontiOS 7: Safari’s new 3D tab view

Full gold iPhone 5s standingiOS 7 Lock screen

Touch ID scan fingerprintUsing the 5s’ new Touch ID fingerprint scanner to authorize an app download

Touch ID in actionThe screen you’ll see once you’ve successfully programmed your Touch ID

Touch ID Home buttonA close-up shot of the redesigned Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner

iPhone 5s (gold, three up, back, front, profile)A nice overview of how the iPhone 5s looks in the new Gold colorway

iPhone 5s (gold, back, teaser 001)And finally, another closeup of the 5s’ camera and new dual-LED flash

What do you think? Does Apple have another hit here?