CaptCase: a cleverly crafted iPhone folio case and card holder

CaptCase iPhone 5

I have tested my fair share of folio style or wallet type cases for all iOS devices. Each has its own eccentricities and the CaptCase for iPhone 5 is no different. With a mission to utilize simplicity of design to provide a beautiful and functional product, the company strives to create accessories that “enhance the use of your smartphone, without getting in the way.”

There is one excellent feature of the CaptCase that proves their point. This is the only folio style iPhone case I reviewed with a cutaway in the front panel to allow phone calls. Truly, an excellent feature with functionality at the fore. Many others must agree, as CaptCase easily reached its Kickstarter goal..

Design and operability

Starting with genuine leather and a soft microfiber interior, the CaptCase offers full, six-sided protection for iPhone. As a folio case, it operates in a book-like fashion, opening from the right, flipping open, and curls back behind the device, as pictured above. Pretty standard stuff, but CaptCase takes this simple design to a higher level, with only a few smartly placed features.

CaptCase open

As I mentioned above, the earpiece cut away is an excellent idea. Too many competitors, maybe all of them, seem to forget how annoying it is to hold the folio doubled back, behind the iPhone. Now, when using the iPhone for anything other than a call, one must double back the front flap. However, the opening prevents this annoyance during calls.

Secondly, the front flap is secured on the right hand side by a magnetic strip. This keeps the folio from constantly flipping open when not held correctly. The connection is also easily made, which prevents the user from having to place the magnetic strip in place manually. Much like a Smart Cover snaps onto an iPad, the CaptCase snaps closed, as we have come to expect.

Thirdly, a credit card slot on the back is a convenient location for your ID, credit card, and maybe a few bills. It is not going to replace a George Costanza size wallet, but I did get three cards inside. Once the cards are inside, most of the surface is concealed, but I do prefer if the cards were more protected when placed in the case.

Finally, the CaptCase has the all important camera hold cut in the back, preventing you from sliding the iPhone out of the case just to snap a quick pic.

CaptCase cards


Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of folio style iPhone cases. I feel they are bulky and result in an annoying flipping mess. The headphone jack, Lightning connection and sleep/wake toggle are all accessible, but, like all folio cases, the mute switch and volume buttons are inaccessible without the case being flipped open.

All things considered, the CaptCase eliminates some of my prejudiced opinions. The ear piece cutaway and magnetic strip really provide an extra incentive for purchase. Also, using the case for a couple weeks, I did not notice any deterioration on the leather or fraying edges.

The slim design fits easily in my pockets and the black leather provides a professional appeal. If you only carry a couple of cards with you, slap them in the back of CaptCase and you have a wallet replacement as well. At $45.00 it is available for iPhone 5 and $40 for iPhone 4/S, and these prices fit naturally with other competitors. For a little help from iDB, use promo code DWBZMQF9YVJW for 15% off at checkout!

What do you guys think? Do you like any of these features for the CaptCase? Do you have a folio case you use regularly?

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