Quickly clear your Messages text field with Triple Tap To Clear

triple tap to clear

Inputting text on the iPhone can be a tedious task. It’s not so much the typing. But due to limited display space, editing can be irksome. It seems like doing things such as copying or deleting text are more complicated than they need to be.

Case in point, try typing a lengthy message in your Messages app. Now delete the whole thing. As it stands, the fastest way to do this is to tap on your text, ‘Select All’ and then delete it. But as with most things in iOS, it could always be faster….

And you can actually make this process faster by grabbing the new jailbreak tweak Triple Tap to Clear. It’s a simple package, with no icon or settings to configure, that allows you to quickly delete all text within your Messages app text field.

Once installed, the tweak takes effect. And it’ll stay that way until you uninstall it. In fact, the only way you’ll know it’s there is when you’re using it—just quickly tap 3 times in the text field of your Messages app to delete all of your text.

My only beef with it is that it only works in the one app, as it would be much better if it was OS-wide. Otherwise, I found it to be both useful and reliable. I have a few little tweaks like this (such as SwipeSelection) that make editing much easier.

If you want to check out Triple Tap to Clear for yourself, you can find it in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for free.