Add functionality to the AssistiveTouch feature with MyAssistive

myassistive 1

Buried deep in the iOS Settings app, at the bottom of the Accessibility window, is a feature called AssistiveTouch. Apple built this tool to make its mobile devices more accessible to users with impaired physical or motor skills.

Enabling the feature adds a tiny icon to your device’s screen that typically, when tapped, opens a menu with shortcuts for a variety of system functions. But with the new MyAssistive jailbreak tweak, you can change that…

MyAssistive is a simple little utility that lets you customize the AssistiveTouch button to your liking. You can change where it’s positioned on your device’s screen, the color of its menu icons and, most importantly, what it does.

Once installed, all of these options can be configured from within your Settings app. There’s toggles for enabling the tweak, turning off its ‘snap to position’ and ‘hide’ functions, and a menu of actions you can assign to the button.

myassistive 2

The list of actions is long, and includes toggle app switcher, toggle Siri, toggle voice control, take screenshot, triple click, adjust volume, mute, respring, and toggle LED flash. Remember to enable AssistiveTouch before trying them.

Overall I like MyAssistive, as it offers quick access to some useful functions. But I have a few issues with it. One, you can only assign one action to the button at a time. And two, I haven’t found a spot to put it where it’s not in the way.

So I’ll probably be sticking with tweaks like Activator and NCSettings—they do most of the same things. But it’s still worth checking out for folks that are looking for a change. You can find MyAssistive in the BigBoss repo for free.