Marvel’s Unlimited comic subscription service lands on iOS

marevel unlimited app

Good news this week for all of you die-hard comic fans. Marvel Comics has launched its subscription-based service called ‘Marvel Unlimited’ on iOS in the form of a new iPhone and iPad app.

As the name suggests, the service offers users uncapped access to Marvel’s enormous library—including some 13,000 comic books— for a small monthly fee. Keep reading for more details…

From the App Store description:

“Introducing the Marvel Unlimited app for iPhone and iPad – a new benefit of our digital comics subscription program!
Members of Marvel Unlimited can now experience over 70 years of Marvel’s greatest comics like never before – with our patented Smart Panels technology, and the ability to read offline when not connected to a wi-fi or cellular network.”

The app uses an HTML5 reader, which is not ideal for comic reading—it’s not as smooth as say, iBooks or a native app. But it does display graphics in high resolution via progressive downloading.

As far as the service goes, you can pay $10 per month or $60 for the year. It has features similar to Spotify, like the ability to create a ‘playlist’ of comics. And you can store up to 6 issues for offline reading.

It’s worth noting though that all of the comic books are at least 6 months old, so as to not cannibalize Marvel’s current-day sales. But those looking for new ones can find them in Marvel’s other app.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, you can find the new Marvel Unlimited app in the App Store for free. If you’re skeptical of the service, Marvel does let you preview a few full-length issues.

What do you think, $10 per month for unlimited comics, deal or no deal?