Haze: a gorgeous gesture-controlled weather app for minimalists

haze image 1

Taking a look at some of the more popular titles in the App Store—Clear, Mailbox, Tempo—it’s clear that minimalism and multitouch gestures are in right now. Developers are ditching heavy graphics in favor of much simpler interfaces.

For the most part, people seem to like the new trend. And if you fall into that category, you might want to check out Haze. It’s a new iPhone weather app that exudes these two qualities. It’s gesture-controlled, and has a very minimal UI…

Here’s how the creators, Robocat, describe the app:

“Haze is build around the idea of giving you a radiantly crafted forecast at a glance. Swipe through temperature, sunshine hours and rain chance or dive even deeper and get detailed information about the weather. Swipe down to get a 5 day forecasts and unlock multiple colorful themes to personalize the look.”

As for features, Haze offers up the usual weather-related data points including [obviously] current and 5 day weather forecasts, with high and low temperatures, and wind and precipitation info. Sunrise, sunset and UV data is also provided.

haze image 2

As far as the app’s design, there’s only one word for it: gorgeous. Everything from the animated gradient backgrounds, to the flat graphics and text—it’s all gorgeous. And the unlockable themes and synthesizer sounds are also nice touches.

The app does have its caveats though. For example, I haven’t figured out how to view weather for multiple locations outside of my current one. And I noticed that the date used in the app is one day off (they say a fix for the latter issue is on the way).

Now for the big question, will I be keeping Haze? Probably not. As with other third-party weather apps I’ve tried, I just didn’t find anything compelling enough to do so. Sure it’s gorgeous. But as they say, good looks will only get you so far.

You may love it though. A lot of people do. I think at $0.99, it’s definitely worth checking out. And if you feel so compelled to do so, you can click here to grab it from the App Store.

What are your thoughts on Haze?