IMDb iPad app updated with new features and look

imdb new ipad app

Great news movie buffs. Popular online film database IMDb has just released a major update to its iPad app, bringing some new features and an all-new design to the tablet software.

You can still use the app to research your favorite actors, watch movie trailers, or look up your favorite TV and film trivia, but version 3.0 lets you do it all in style…

From Amazon’s release notes:

  • Tap the plus sign (+) on any movie or TV show poster to add it to your Watchlist
  • Sign in to get personalized movie and TV recommendations
  • New full-page Watchlist and custom lists with updated sort and edit features
  • Top 250 rank added to movie pages
  • Tap the history or Watchlist icons to open previews from any page in the app
  • Browse featured photo galleries & lists, most popular by genre, and charts
  • Tap the IMDb logo to browse from any page in the app

IMDb has added some new features across its iPhone app as well. My favorite one has to be that it now supports iOS 6’s native Facebook integration, so now you can share a page for a movie or actor on Facebook with a single tap. Also, filmographies now include TV episode details and image galleries are easier to access.

Alongside the update, IMDb also published a press release with some pretty impressive stats regarding its mobile software. Its iOS and Android apps have each been downloaded more than 25 million times for a total of more than 50 million combined user downloads. I honestly had no idea the app was that popular.

At any rate, if you’re interested in checking out IMDb’s redesigned iPad app, you can find it in the App Store, for free.