AT&T reportedly extending FaceTime over Cellular to all customers

AT&T rustled some feathers back in August when it announced that it would only allow its subscribers on its new Shared data plans to utilize the FaceTime over Cellular feature in iOS 6.

Then earlier this month, the carrier said that it would be opening up the feature to legacy data plans. And as it turns out, it looks like this might actually include unlimited plans as well…

MacRumors points to a new thread in its user forums full of AT&T customers who claim they can now make FaceTime calls over cellular, despite the fact that they are on unlimited data plans.

“In a recent thread we were discussing AT&T members getting facetime with LTE devices and tiered plans. However I noticed today that I have facetime over cellular and I have an unlimited plan on my 5.

I just turned off my other phone, a 4S and turned it back on, only to find the switch flipped to ON for facetime over cellular. Both phones work perfectly over cellular.

I also checked a few coworkers phones, all now have FT over cellular.

The report has been confirmed by several forum members, as well as people on Twitter. And it seems to be working with both iPhone 4S and 5 models, so it doesn’t look like it’s limited to LTE.

But there are also a number of users who say it’s not working for them yet. And unfortunately, I fall into that category. I have an iPhone 5 on a grandfathered unlimited plan, and so far, no dice.

Of course, AT&T did say that the feature rollout would take between 8-10 weeks. So it’s entirely possible that it just hasn’t hit some users yet. They could be doing it by region, or some other sort.

Some users are saying that shutting down their iPhones and restarting them has pushed the feature through. And if you have AT&T and an unlimited data plan, that certainly seems worth trying.

We’ll let you know when we have more information. In the mean time, make sure to let us know if this is working for you in the comments section below.