Clever Lotto tracks your lucky numbers

Personally, I am no gambler and have never played the US Mega Millions or Powerball drawings, but there are plenty of people out there tossing in a few dollars just to strike it big. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to track those lucky numbers, look no further than Clever Lotto, which keeps track of everything automatically. There is no longer a need to look up the winning numbers or stay up late with your fingers crossed. Clever Lotto will send a push notification to your iPhone every time there is a drawing…

Common’ big money!

At its core, Clever Lotto is a simple way to keep track of your lottery numbers and get notified after the drawings. However, the app is more clever than simple. The home screen always displays the current winning jackpot amount, the most recent drawings, and, if you are really an addict, there is a countdown timer to the next drawings. Tapping the previous drawings gives a breakdown of the winnings that are already claimed, including how many tickets matched how many correct numbers and the associated payouts. Below the previous drawing, there is an option to check your played numbers against the actual.

The Draws tab pulls a history of all previous drawings in case you forgot to check at any time. A history of all previous played tickets is also stored in the app, which helps you decide if you really want to keep throwing those dollars bills away. Most importantly, is the Statistics section. The Statistics tab keeps all individually entered previous plays and all actual statistics in one location. If you want to see how much money you have been spending on tickets versus how much you win, check there. Also, a list of all your picked numbers and how many times you played them is included. Using the statistics section, one could gain an advantage to the player that does not consider the previous odds.

Picking your numbers is simple. Tap the writing icon on the top right of the home screen and choose the drawing, name the new ticket, then choose the numbers by panel. Tap the score card to choose numbers individually, or, if you are feeling lucky, shake your iPhone to be given a set of numbers automatically. Select “Megaplier,” if applicable, and choose either a valid “from date” or a duration setting, which is determined by number of draws. The cost will be updated at the bottom, depending on the dates and draws chosen. Unfortunately, there is no scan feature and all of the information must be added manually.

Finally, the settings allow for customization, including notifications. Decide whether to get notified every time there is a drawing, if you won, if you participated, or never. Optionally, choose to receive a notification if the winnings are above a predetermined number.


Currently, Clever Lotto is a free download, but only for a limited time. This is completely a no-brainer when it comes to picking up useful apps. If you play the lottery, even occasionally, download this guide and ticket tracker. Getting a notification when the drawing occurs is one of the primary reasons to pick this tool up at your local App Store. Besides, should you want to know how much money you are throwing at the lottery, this is an easy way to make sure your “investment” is actually paying dividends.


  • Get notified when you win, or when you don’t, or never, or when the winnings are over a specified amount
  • Keep track of previous tickets
  • See how much money you have won over a given time
  • Track previous drawings


  • Cannot scan an existing ticket
  • Everything is entered manually

Anyone out there a dedicated Mega Millions or Power Ball player? What do you like most about the capabilities?