Users report major issues with latest Apple TV update

Back in September, Apple pushed out a significant update for the Apple TV. Labeled iOS 5.1, it included a number of new features and improvements, including support for Shared Photo Streams.

But apparently, the new firmware contained more than just refinements. According to a lengthy ongoing thread in Apple’s support forums, the update also brought along some crippling bugs…

AppleInsider points to the thread, which sprouted on September 25 with this post:

“Seen quite a few people with this problem. After the update the light just blinks. After unplugging ethernet, it can’t find router. Some people reset the router and said that worked. Others restored by plugging into iTunes and got it working. I did all of the above multiple times, still death. Going to have to take it into the Apple Store tomorrow I guess. Unless another update comes that fixes this.”

Since then, the thread has seen 250 replies and nearly 30,000 views. Needless to say, this isn’t an isolated incident. Reported problems range from Wi-Fi issues all the way to complete ATV failure.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, the best solution seems to be downgrading the Apple TV to previous firmware. We have all of the latest software versions for both second and third generation ATVs on our Downloads page, and if you need help, we have multiple tutorials on how to downgrade.

As usual, we’ll let you know when Apple has released an update to fix these problems. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Have you been having trouble with your Apple TV after updating?